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We’ll be at the STC Summit! Come see us!

Over the last ten years, single-source technologies have evolved to be fairly straight forward and predictable. They can be relied upon to do exactly what they are designed to do. Yet, organizations continue to struggle with the amount of adaptive change that accompanies a single-source implementation. In other words, the organization’s ability to successfully cope with changes to jobs, positions, and skills has not kept up with the progress of the technology. This inspired Paula Toth, Best Practices Leader at TechProse, to take a deep dive into adaptive change methodologies with the idea of creating a simple and fun way to support team members as they navigate the change factors involved in single-source projects.

Paula will be making a presentation at the STC Summit  entitled Change, Trust, Collaboration: Adapting to Single Source Technologies to share what she has learned. You can find this presentation in the in the Communication and Interpersonal Skills Track. If you are interested in leveraging your ability to adapt to single sourcing, drop by and see how you can applying this simple methodology to ensure the success of your single-source project.


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